Technispa® soothing leg treatment

Refreshed and light-feeling legs all year round!

In only 30 minutes, a sensation of comfort and well-being is restored to legs, which feel lighter and appear slimmer.

Ideal for individuals who suffer from long periods of time on their feet, which causes swelling in the legs and sensations of discomfort, the TECHNISPA® SOOTHING LEG Treatment combines two simultaneous tissue draining actions.

• Average decrease in the knee circumference: 1.2 cm(3)
• 100% of the women felt a draining effect, sensation of lightness and freshness.(3)
(2) Measurements taken on 5 women after 6 treatments.
(3) Measurements taken on 5 women after 6 treatments.

SOOTHING LEG ACTIVE GEL SERUM is formulated with Red Vine to stimulate microcirculation, and combined with Menthol and Camphor for a genuine sensation of freshness.

1. Double Dermo-Sculpting
Thanks to double dermo-sculpting, this treatment drains skin tissue with its vacuum effect forming a double skin fold along the thighs and entire legs.

2. Double Ionisation
The double ionisation technique optimises the penetration and diffusion of the ACTIVE GEL SERUM soothing leg ingredients into the skin to enhance treatment results..

30 minute Treatment